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REMEDIUM LAW PARTNERS is a dynamic law firm consisting of members of a team that came together in 2015 under the practice name of FELIX, IGELIGE & ASSOCIATES to work on a landmark intellectual property rights case, Dovie Okson Omenuwoma (aka Baba 2010) v MTN, Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/895/15). The case was settled out of court but the consent judgement turned the suit into a cause célèbre due to the novelty of the claim and the amount paid by MTN as damages. The firm’s partners have varied and interesting backgrounds spanning intellectual property rights and entertainment and sport law, human rights law and development advocacy, litigation and general legal practice, security (one partner, Mr Felix Ogbaudu, is a retired Assistant Inspector-General of Police) and conflict resolution.


At REMEDIUM LAW PARTNERS, we are sticklers for the highest ethics of the legal profession. We exert ourselves to the utmost to obtain all remedies available to our clients and to offer the best legal advice or consultancy services. We would not be satisfied until our clients are! Professionalism, integrity and courtesy are our watchwords.


The mission and vision of REMEDIUM LAW PARTNERS is to be a leading, go-to, law firm in the protection and promotion of intellectual property rights, in particular, and also as a dynamic general legal services provider in Nigeria. As technological advances broaden or even change the traditional understanding of copyright and intellectual property rights in general, we aim to provide expert counsel to clients on how best to protect this special category of intangible yet valuable assets. Our lawyers keep abreast of the dizzying developments in information technology that continually transform the mode of doing business in the creative, entertainment and sporting industries, and so how best to protect the rights of writers, artists, performers, athletes, inventors, designers and corporations. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ patents and trademarks, optimising brand value and securing brand identity. By embracing all the modes of conflict resolution, we hope to make individual right holders, corporate bodies and the ordinary consumer more fully conscious of the need to respect the intellectual property rights that inhere in many of the services and products that define our everyday 21st Century existence. We are committed to litigation as the ultimate means of defending our clients’ rights not only in IPR but also across the spectrum of law. We complement our legal practice with our work with the Friends of the Creator (Artistic) Foundation (FCF), a non-governmental organisation which has blazed the trail of popularising intellectual property rights awareness in Nigeria, principally through elaborate events to mark the annual World Intellectual Property Day since 2018. FCF, we are proud to say, is the only local NGO in Nigeria with permanent observer status by the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Assembly of Member States. Our practice is defined by four values:

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs and Goals
We ensure to clearly understand our clients’ legal needs or goals and fashion the appropriate strategy for a satisfactory solution. Our lawyers are always reminded of the need to weigh the benefits of an aggressive approach against the risks it entails, potential gains against the costs of pursuing it, in order to arrive at a more cost-and-time-effective option.

Efficient Delivery of Value
We take our responsibility to our clients seriously and seek always to minimize costs while maximising outcomes. Thus, we prioritise practical solutions by exploring all legitimate options rather than focussing only on judicial remedies.

Excellence through Professionalism and Collaboration
We are driven by the need to demonstrate excellence through professionalism as the best way to retain the trust and confidence of our clients. This can be best realised through team-work within and outside the practice. Consequently, we build relationships with relevant actors in the administrative or government sector as well as with our clients.

Integrity and Trust
We know that even the best professional effort can be defeated by the absence of trust. We are, therefore, committed to a strict adherence to the highest ethics of the legal profession. Integrity is our watchword.


Our Team Of Solicitors And Barristers


Principal Partner

Areas of Specialisation:
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Human Rights; Law, Public Policy and Development, Litigation.
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Senior Partner

Areas of Specialisation:
Criminal Law; Property Law and Real Estate; Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Security, Public Policy and Development.
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Principal Partner

Areas of Specialisation:
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) spanning Entertainment Law, Sports, Media and Technology Law; Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Artist Management.
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Areas of Specialisation:
General Practice; Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence.
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Fully committed to the satisfactory representation of clients for the defence of their right in all civil and criminal cases

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