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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):

Our firm is renowned for robust defence of intellectual property rights covering the gamut of copyright, patents, trademarks, and design and their interconnection with entertainment, sports, media and information technology. We offer professional advice and services in the creative industry. We also register patents, trademarks and other related services.

Corporate/Business Law:

Our team includes lawyers with vast experience and knowledge in the business world. We are licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to carry out Business Name registration and the incorporation of Limited Liability companies as well as Incorporated Trustees.

Criminal Law/Civil Law:

We are dedicated to litigation, knowing that the courtroom is the ultimate forum for the resolution of legal conflicts; indeed, that commencement of litigation is often the spur to amicable settlement by way of a consent judgement. We are also dedicated to arbitration and mediation as potent and, in some cases, the preferable means of conflict resolution. Furthermore, the fundamental principle of innocence until proven guilty can only be demonstrated at trial. Our firm commits fully to the satisfactory representation of clients for the assertion or defence of their rights in all civil and criminal cases.


At Remedium Law Partners, we are sticklers for the highest ethics of the legal profession. We exert ourselves to the utmost to obtain all remedies available to our clients and to offer the best legal advice or consultancy services. We would not be satisfied until our clients are! Professionalism, integrity and courtesy are our watchwords.

Fully committed to the satisfactory representation of clients for the defence of their right in all civil and criminal cases

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